Who's gonna share my morbid way of fun, now that Osama Bin Laden is gone?

Luckily, I found someone else who's just as funky as Osama.

But I also found someone who's def NOT as funny.


Check out this long `letter`a lady sendt me because of that exact sentence:



Seriously America.... Get you're self a good old cup of crappy humor, will ya? Life is actually more fun when you're not super seriouse ALL THE TIME.


Other than that I just got back from Oxford. Or actually it is two days ago, but I stoped counting day's for ages ago. I'm more in to living in the moment, you know?

And my favorite thing is to sit at home like a retard and re-live the great moments that were created. Like forexample, now I have a big pile of AWESOME moments from my days in Oxford that I can simply just re-live when ever I feel like it. The days might be gone, but the moments are mine, always.


But hey, don't get me wrong.  You have to find some sort of balance in it all. Don't get stuck living you're life in the past. And don't even worry to much bout the future, it will come soon enough, and everything can always happen!!! That's the awesomeness of life. It's what keep's it exciting. Live in the moment, and live for the moments.

You know what they say, it is the tiny little thing's that matters the most.


Sometimes I think that's one of the huge problems in life, the fact that us as human beeings are such control freaks. We are so buzy trying to stay on top of our game all the fucking time, that we forget to lean back and just enjoy things. It's nothing wrong with letting go, and just live. As soon as you realize that you can't possibly control everyone and everything around you,you will feel more peacefull and natrualy, you will accept the oh so scary statement of - RELAXED.

-And then you live happily ever after, end of story.

Watch and learn:




Xox Bella





" Wo ai ni..."

Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often...

So after a great weekend in Oxford it's been a difficult to go back to the land of day to day life again. But the thing is, time even flyes when you'r not having fun. Who would guess eh?? Because before I even knew it, it's Friday, AGAIN.

Coffee, coffee, coffee, work, bed, coffee, work, sleep, work, coffeeeee... And so on and so on.

Now thats the sircle of my day to day life anyways.

That's what I'm trying to do.

And in between all the grey areas were you just want to sit down and take a break from everything, there are always those moments who just make you wanna keep going.

Like at work, when my sweet workmate screamed my name all over the speaker phone, and made me think something was really wrong. and then:


`Bella! I made you a cookie!" :-D <3


Of course I don't like cookies, so I couldn't eat it. I had a banana instead

 But it made my day still.

So instead of throwing it away I decided to make someone elses day with it. So I ran over to the till and went:

" Stiaaaan!!! I made you a cookie of love!"

And as you can see, after he ate this:


He bacame even cuter than before <3


And then we went home.

And then I felt a bit



wierd. And then today when I woke up....

I realize..... I'm sick. (yeah yeah, I'm not talking mentally now) But like, my body is laughing at me.

I'm stuck in bed with a fever.






So I'm just gonna stay put in bed all weekend instead of doing all the stupid shit I should actually be doing. Like

-Paying bills.

-Get a life


-live life as it was a musical

-write lists with things I have to remember to do before I forget to do them and then I die. But then since I write them anyways, I get stressed out and then die of stress instead.


And now my problem is

End of story.


Xox Bella

" Maybe we're victims of fate, remember when we'd celebrate "





Today I bought chocolate milk and drank it while smoking a cigarette.

I'm not a milk drinker, and I'm not a chocolate eater either. But hey. You gotta do what the voices in your head tell ya.



But, no. They are kinky mother fuckers. They actually enjoy Q-tip poking. I'm sure of it. Cuz they never shut up.


Confession number 1:


Confession number 2:



Confession number 3:



Felt good to get all that out in the open.

So now that I've used you guys as a catholic priest or what ever and told you my confessions. Feel free to umm.. Smoke in church or something. Jesus loves ya anyways. I know this of course because I am his coolest faghag.



"A dame that knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up."





See ya later ppl.









xox Bella


Hey ho, let's go.



Past al my exams. - Check





The sun is shining.

(metaphorically, I am full aware of that it's close to midnight)


-Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.





Xox Bella

The price of anything, is the amount of life you exchange for it.


So it's official.

I haven't slept since Saturday.

I'm wide awake.



I don`t know if I was asleep or awake when I wrote this, all I know is....

I don't know who I am trying to convince anymore. Insomnia is holding my beauty sleep hostige. So I can't really tell the reality from a dream anymore. But sometimes I guess that is a good thing. If you have nice dreams for sure.

It's a messy and floaty world to walk around in in general though.

Because you are never really sure WHAT IS GOING ON.


Like yesturday I was swiming in an ocean in a big city, and all my money got wet and worthless. And then I was staring someone fall asleep. I even got chased by a crOwd with a gun. ANd then I cut chicken.  And then I swam around with some stinky fish. It all sounds like mumbo jumbo to me.




-I know.

Maybe I should get a night job. Could just aswell work 24/7 and make myself usefull. Not just lay here feeling tired after working all day, but yet not sleeping.

Oh well.


I'll have to deal with it. Somehow, some way I'm sure everything will work out in the end.

Everything happends for a reason.

But hey ho....

Bye children. I have to go and cut chickens and have long intelegent conversations with a bunch slimey fishes.

What can I say?





Xox Bella

Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.

The great news are:

-If noodles were money, I would be rich.

The not so great news are:

-Noodles are not money.


But I guess noodles is a good start, I mean, it's more of a chance that you will get money if your belly is happy on noodles, instead of emphty, yes?



But I will worry about that tomorrow.








So, I will snuggle up to the duvet and listen to music instead.



I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.







xox Bella

Don't waste your time on me, you're allready the voice inside my head - I miss you.

I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday...

It was back in the days when the end turned in to a new beginning.

Confusion is still a close friend of mine though, we have been throug so much together.


But the thing is, when you loose your mind, you win something else. Something new. do you know what I am talking about?



I'm talking about how you win the lottery of beeing braindead of course.

It's much more relaxing. No surprise there.


So my only plan now is, to not have a plan, that way it just can't fail.



So, the good news are:



Celebration face.


Oh, wait.

Thats not true.

I have one more plan.

Study music.

And thats a good thing, yes.



Lucky me :)


Oslo pride is up and coming 17th - 26th June




Xox Bella


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