De ondeste sirkler er vond&vende


Be successful



Like a naive youngster we all shared a dream

to play nice and gently and deserve our ice cream

Like the child of no worries we woke up with bright eyes,

We shared funny moments and rolled on with our life?s

As we grew older the cream turned to ice

The play turned to worries, and the moments to lies.

Naive is now danger, gentle is still great, but people will

Use it, and you`ll be their bate.

-Bella. .2o1o


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07.sep.2010 kl.16:59

Tøff blogg dere har!


08.sep.2010 kl.10:40

i like it a lot:)


08.sep.2010 kl.14:41

Kul header! ;)

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