Oh Lord I dont want your dusty color TV!!!!

Oh Lord wont you buy me a life at Primark, my friends all got colors, I`m still in the dark.

Oh Lord wont you make me a life that is funked? Im sick of these schoolbooks, Im sick of these drunks.

Oh Lord, buy me tickets to far away land, to sun and to beaches, to moneys in hand!


Oh jesus my saver, I know that your dead. But please show me the trick you once did to that bread?

How did you turn your own water to wine? How did it taste now? I bet it was fine.

Oh Jesus my saver I did not read your book, but I`ve heard that its crazy, the storys are great, How did you do it? I need your umbrace!!!

Oh Jesus my saver, I`m wearing a cross, its not for the future but for all that is lost.


Oh Adam my lover you naughty old dude. Eating the apples, running around in the nude?

Oh freedom just grab me by my not excisting balls, give me a hard on, blow up these walls!!!




I`ve been looking for FREEEEEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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