Bedtime story for retards

Once up on a time there was a little girl called Bella. All she ever wanted to do with her life was to stay in bed and sleep or do other things that starts with the letter S.  XX

But all her friends said that even though it is possible to earn good money in this line of work, you have to get a education. A real one.

And since Bella was sick of her country anyways, she wanted to go to


But: To get there she had to fix her school papers that her stupid Country fucked up for her in the first place... Sooo, she studied..

and she ......



As she yawned her way into the books she was thinking. This life is not for me... All I really want to do is






and of course




Then all off a sudden she saw a map in her book...

The map made her think about happy days in Mmmmexico. and once again: BED ... Alcohol and rock&roll.



BUT she had to snap out of it. So instead she put on a comfy jacket


And deep inside she was hoping it was a timemachine.

But, It was not.  Because no matter how hard she was staring at her watch, it just stood still ....


Sooo.... She kinda went crazy and grabbed


YES. a bloddy snus. Even though she really wanted a ciggy, (beeing the rockstar that she is.) But NOOOOO... she had to study!

Then all off a sudden she tried to pull off the good old " I am a retard!" Card:




But.... It didnt work....


She went back to her studies and lived unhappily ever after...



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