Candy land...

Oh yes... I slept all day. And Im not proud of it because of all the retarded A-people who wants me to feel quilty when Im not up at 8 O`clock every morning having a run with my freaky dog who is enjoying the sight of me  cleaning up after him, after he is taking a shit all over Oslo.


Have you ever seene a dog do this?

Me neither. Wich leads to my conclusion. I don`t have a dog, and I don`t wanna wake up at 8`Oclock in the morning.



After sleeping all day I realized that I don`t have to feel like I`ve been a naughty girl after all. Because I am working all weekend, night shift !  So, I win again. So, when I understood that I am right again and the rest of the world sux. I was in Ingrid`s bed. All by myself. So I called her to get her to join.



Bella: " Hallooooo"

Ingrid: "Haloo"

Bella: " Ummm... Are you sleeping??"

Ingrid: " umm.. jaaaaa.."

Bella: " On the sofa?"

Ingrid: " mhm.. are you in bed?"

Bella: " jaaa... Bye!"

Ingrid: " Byee..."


And then we fell asleep again.

And now I regret getting up in the first place because that means I have to stay up all night to read geographi so that Mari wont kill me with cold blod.



Or at least, I will try!



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Tante Grusom

28.okt.2010 kl.21:53

Hmmm... Lure på kem dokk to e lik i ;)


28.okt.2010 kl.22:55

Tante Grusom:

Nooo idea... :p

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