Leave me where I am, Im only sleeping..

Good morning night time people.

Did you ever feel quilty for doing this?


Yeah. You all know what Im talking about of course. <3sleep<3 the wonderful feeling of just wraping your self up in a warm comfy blancet and a big cozy pillow and ignore that the world excists.

My problem is that I intend to forget that it is other things I should have been doing instead. Like


My problem is that I can`t quite settle my mind. I end up feeling kinda umm, disturbed I guess is the word.

I am the kind of person who can`t really focus too much on my studies if I don`t feel the pressure. Even though my head knows that I have 3 exams next week and it makes me all stressed out only thinking about it, its like my brain is saying:



So what can I do?


I can always dream.



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26.nov.2010 kl.10:30

Dear person, now I don't feel guilty for falling asleep yesterday. Thank you :D

Henrikke Johnsen

26.nov.2010 kl.15:54

yes, i doo!

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