I am very sorry for the lack of bloging lately, but the thing is

Yes, correct!

I have been in heaven.

A place where you can smoke inside, and the pub does not close until 6 o' clock in the morning.( !!!!! )

Switzerland. I heart you.

So of course, since I am so religious and all that, God and Jesus, Allah and a jew-hat decided to have a meeting where they would decide what kind of sick joke of a punishment they should come up with.

Just to make sure that I never felt excited over things like that again.

So they took my voice! Hung it on the cross and spat on it. (And laughed)

Evil bastards. So I'm sorry to disappoint you all, but it looks like I'm not gonna be a rockstar after all. Not this year anyways, judging on the fever, the ear infection and my super sexy running nose. If I didn't know better I would say they have a friggin great sense of humor.

So what can I do?

Maybe this is the time when I surprise everyone and pick up a book for a change.

(not) (Don`t worry June, I read the news, but Im not friggin CRAZY)

Im too lazy...

So I will dream back in time instead...

WOOOW... Maybe not THAT far back.

I will just have to come up with a way to entertain myself I guess...

And you guys, Not that I should have to tell you, but

I don`t care.

Xox Bella

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11.jan.2011 kl.20:06

Puh! bok liksom, skjer med verden... (you should know)


11.jan.2011 kl.20:28



12.jan.2011 kl.13:32

Juhn: I knoooow! Books? WTF ><


12.jan.2011 kl.13:33

justpretend: Danke schøøøøn!!!


12.jan.2011 kl.19:20

haha. fun. and u look great


12.jan.2011 kl.21:18

silje:Thanx girlie ;*


14.jan.2011 kl.10:19


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