People say life is funny sometimes ..


But I would say that sometimes even death`s got a sense of humor.

Fact 1: I am gonna die a fun death,

Fact 2: Im just gonna have a much funnier life first.

Fact 3: I just need to get well again first.

To be sick is kind of like an in between kinda state.

Your not alive, but your not dead either. 

You just excist. And try to sleep as much as you can, hoping that you will wake up not feeling sick the next day.

Only good thing about beeing sick is that you are aloud to look like crap and (eat junk).

I don`t know about you guys, but Im crossing my fingers for the green light 2mrw. Or else I`ll turn in to a ugly looking fat person pretty soon. And that doesnt sound like fun either. Well, as always... The important thing is:

I will never turn into a religious person.


Ps: I would never tell a penis that he reminds me of religion though. (thats just bloddy rude)


xox Bella



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