That's life people.

-So just watch out ...


-Too bad...




Hate when that happens.

The truth is:

The sofa killed my brain this weekend, or ate it..

(what was left of it anyway.)

But not to worry. I'm not sick anymore. So I'm back to my normal braindead self again tomorrow.

In the mean time I will have some good old wet dreams about the U.K and my future.

........ Since I did manage to send in my applications to UCAS this week, I better prepare myself for the U.K way!

YaaaaaaY me !!!!!!


But that doesnt change the fact that I still like to do some things the norwegian way (wink wink,nudge nudge!)


-Hell yeah.

And remember:


Keep smiling :)

xox Bella

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17.jan.2011 kl.07:42

The first one: Yes, me too.


17.jan.2011 kl.14:00

Sofie: Thaaank God im not alone girlie!!!

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