Sometimes life beats the shit out of you, and leaves you alone in some kind of dodgy backstreet of a situasion, just for you to bleed out. Not because you deserve it, just because as everyone knows,  THE WORLD IS A CRUEL PLACE TO BE, and if you don`t have some kind of bloddy V.I.P status on the ladder of life, you will have to keep climbing until you earn it.

When or if this happens, you're left with two choices:

1. Give up and die


2: Keep fighting.


The thing that is important to remember is: It's nothing personal.

It`s actually a gift wrapped up as a challenging test! And life is handing it to you on a silver plate!

Sounds a bit more tempting to accept the fact that your screwed over when you put it like that, eh?


Fact: Nothing kills, like a good smile.


So, when life hands you all the wrong cards, why don`t you play it like a real joker?

So that when the end of the day comes

You can thank yourself for everything you accomplished.

Don`t get me wrong.

When your in deep shit, and your offered a hand, or a boob, to help you out,

there`s nothing wrong with grabbing slash sucking it.

But even more important, the thought of someone wanting to help you out, is bigger than the actual help it self.

It is small little things like that, who makes me wanna keep fighting.

You say Jesus inspires you?

I say LIFE EXPIRIENCE kicks Jesus' ass.


If you think it`s unfair, shut the fuck up and write a bloddy poem!



Lonely like a shadow on walls it will enter

today, and forever.

Falling from the day of birth it is fighting

now, and then never.

sad as a soul lost in war it is fading

pride, and then closing.

Blue like a hand on the grave it is giving

Hated by all, loved by the dry

falling alone, nursing the sky

Quiet and lonely, drowning the ocean

smiling so sadly with out the emotion.

Noticed by many, the birth of a cloud

fading so quickly, dieing so proud.

Finished a day before it alll starts.

victim of circles, the natures own heart?

(Bella 2010)

xox Bella

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20.jan.2011 kl.21:33

BIG LIKE! Ble rett og slett revet med her, utrolig BRA! Hilsner fra I`sin klassekamerat :)


25.jan.2011 kl.19:57

ferietips: YAy, Good thing !!

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