News flash from Stian: " She is a whore! " OMG ? :O

Thank you so much for doing me the huge favour, telling me that I`m not perfect. It really came as a big shock. Oh wait, thats right, you didn`t tell me :) What a man.


As long as he gets attention, we are all good. So this attention is for you my love.


Well, then at least let me thank you for making me realize that I am a whore. I really needed it. Thank you for making It a crap night. and thank you for beeing  pathetic. Makes me realize that my life is not as bad after all.


See, normaly I wouldn`t even think about it. But I think it`s about time you grow a pair of balls.

 Lucky for me, Im not too hopeful.

At least Im not stuck in my room night after night doing myself :)




Xox Bella



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