Hey loosers.

Long time no see.

Maybe thats because I am on a holliday


If only ....


Depends on how you look at it.

If I look at it with a big fake smile I could say stuff like:

-Being screwed over is FUN!  And you learn alot about how the selfish people always win over the people who is kind and caring.

-You find a lot of FUNNY ways to "earn" money (or find). Like moving around on all your furnitures, I found amazingly 30 kr under the sofa today. (Thats like 15 packiges of nuddles people!!)


- you become really creative when it comes to food, and how to prepare a cheap and tasty meal while getting all your aggresion out at the same time! Its awesome, you should try it.

Or. If we are going to be honest for a moment... and remove the big fake smile:

It`s not that much fun..


 I am of course NOT gonna tell you the truth.`

And I am of course NOT gonna remove the smile either.  


What is that anyway.

What ever it is, I am not doing it.



Just take it day by day.

But what ever you do, don`t forget:


xox Bella

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29.jan.2011 kl.20:42

Loves it!


29.jan.2011 kl.20:47

Kongerutenrike: Holding my breath for u`r next posting sir ;)

ps: we need to do some loving soon. xx

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