"..Oh, oh, oh

Woke up today, feeling the way I always do.

Oh, oh, oh, looking for something that I can`t eat. ..."           ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫♪



That song would be perfect.


-I had any sleep at all, so that I actually had the chance to wake up in the first place.

-I did feel like I always do, and not like a zoombie.

-I actually did look for something uneatable.

Or, blanket what ever, when you realize, It`s actually your own demons who keeps you up all night.. Paranormal activity is a silly joke compared to that.

So, I thought:

Fuck this shit. I`m gonna get up and pretend that I am a BADASS morning person.

The very good news are:



That must be good for something, right?

So if I just ignore the fact that my brain is


Well, as u can see... Not feeling too well.

Ignore the fact that:

I am going to math class in about 2 hours ...

And look at the positives instead, like forexample:

-Hiter was not such a bad guy. He was just missunderstood.

 EXACTLY the same way my teacher is gonna feel today when I show up high on coffee and low on numbers.


When that is said, retards.

I have to go and make something to eat.


That was a joke. I don`t eat. I drink coffee!!! DUH!

LOOOOOOOT`S of coffee.


Xox Bella

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