I finaly figured out why I hate list-people.


I hate them because their list always look`s nicer to deal with then mine.


Well, at least I tried to be a good old list person. But the problem is, a list stress me out in so many ways. What if I don`t manige to do all the things I am supposed to do on my to do list?

I worte one list to day, what if I go crazy and write another list 2mrw?

What if my life just turnes in to a big fat list?



I am always gonna be a floater.

Lately I have been floating an awfull lot around as some kind of  umm ....


Crazy person.

With all sorts of personalities and voices inside my head.

No wonder cats are loving me all of a sudden. I`m turning in to CATWOMAN!

Yeah. They just picture me as the lady with 40 cats, no teth what so ever, a crazy grey hair, living in the big dark house in the neighbourhood, the house all the scared kids talk about.

" Have you heard about the lady who lives there, with 40 cats?"

"She is talking to her self!"

" I heard she is a wich!"

"I`ve heard she eat kids!"


Even when I am trying to be a math person they follow me..



Yep. Today I even ran in to SPACECAT

So they are def watching me.

Maybe thats what made me write a to do list in the first place.

Because I am paranoid. And everyone is watching me.

I am not sure. The only thing I am sure about is that I am turning in to a crazy person, or at least starting to realize that I am one.

Come on! I`ts not like I have AIDS.

I can snap out of it.

(I think)

After all:

I am cat woman!!!

And one day, One day..... Umm...


Xox Bella





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