Not that I want to leave a sour taste in anyone`s mouth or what ever. But I thought this day was gonna be crap. The wierd thing is, these tiny little things in your day to day life is what really matters.

 Tiny things like a text msg, a facebook status or even just a smile on the street from some stranger, makes you wanna keep your head up high and LAUGH of the tragicomical reality.

A coupple of shitty things went to shit this "morning". And I was readdy to bang my head in to the wall of frustrasion over the Norwegian system, once again. But instead I called Mari to bang her head in.


And I was like:


And she was like:



So I said: FINE!!!

And then she drowned in my river (of erotic juice,) wink wink, nudge nudge.""

. I wish ...

Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes things are challengeing. Just ask my friend TarZan.

I admire her though. Life pissed on her, and what did she do?

She orderd a trip Australia.!!!!

And left me here to die all alone.

And today she finally made it official: (on facebook)

I`m the love of her life.

So, we are going to live happily ever after in Australia.


So on Monday when I go to school, I`m gonna talk seriouse shit with my teacher, I`m sure she will be very understanding.

And after thats done, I will pop into my church and tell them the truth too...


- Suck on that God :)

And remember:





The word of the day:

"You can keep knocking, but you wont ever knock me down"


Xox Bella



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11.feb.2011 kl.16:29

Som tidligere sagt: No, I'm not a pessimist. At some point the world shits on everybody. Pretending it ain't shit makes you an idiot, not an optimist.


11.feb.2011 kl.19:25

Elska siste bildet. ;)


12.feb.2011 kl.18:00

Mari:Bra fotograf :p lol

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