We got engaged yesterday.


Engaged in the name of OSLO FASHION WEEK that is.

Before we went to see the Norwegian designer Fam Irvoll`s collection, we had to pop in to eye fuck some Acne shoes first.

Dear Santa, if u read this: I have been such a good girl this year, and I didn't really get anything cool last christmas, so maybe you can consider to give me these as an early xmas present? Thanx.

One day I am going to have real sex with shoes.



Funky clotes indeed! Can understand why a freakshow like Lady Gaga is loving her design!


And like I always knew in my heart, smoking will once again be fashionable one day. So me and my cigarette are back in the cool gang. MOAHAHAHAHA!!!

Bite me you non smoking, fruit eating work out nerds!!!! :D

All in all, a very successful night!

Mari - possible fashionable roomie for next year ;)


I even bumped in to the love of my life.


Looking forward to the day I am gonna take her to Mc Donald`s and force feed her with juicy burgers.



Xoxo Bella

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Stine Tokle

20.feb.2011 kl.17:07

Like it! :D

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