To all you people in Raumarevyen:


What a great crowd of lovely human beings you are!

It`s like a second family. A family that eat "crazy" for dinner, and big sweet smiles for desert.

A family where everyone is welcome as they are! Judgemental looks does not even exist.

I hope you all know how special that is. And how lucky we all are to be a part of it.


The truth is, YOU ARE ALL MAD



But not to worry. It makes me love you all, a little bit more.

So ...

Thank you for a great week!


Thank you for the great show!

Thank you for the fun times!


Thank you for the good beer, drinks and conversations

Yeah... What more can I say?

Thank you for the memories :)


And never forget



Xox Bella

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Tante Grusom

07.mar.2011 kl.23:01

Tusen takk sjøl du Bella :) Gleda me allerede t neste år. Stor klem fra Tante Grusom <3


07.mar.2011 kl.23:29

Løv ju tu:)


08.mar.2011 kl.00:39

Tante Grusom:Ho ho! Eg gler meg til HØY PÅ LANDET EG!!!! <3<3

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