Sometimes I`m just not sure about who is killing who!

Did you ever feel like time stand`s still??



Cuz thats not my expirience at all.

Time moves too fast in my head. It`s almost so bad that all the voices in there don`t have the time they need, to talk to eachother, so they can agree on how to get through the day!

I never have the time to do what I was supposed to do.


Time to get up!

Time for school

Time for homework

Time for work


Time to sleep


Time to dream?

Time to forget about time?

For a person who is so NOT on the clock, I have a pretty stupid obsession with funky watches.


But since I don`t play on "team time" these days, I`ll say fuck it. And make my own bloody time

So, my conclution is:


Because the fact is


So I`m not gonna be time`s bitch anymore.

HAH !!

I don`t.

Because I am a retard !

Xox Bella

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