Payback is a bitch that needs som help to find her way..

There are so many people in the world that needs a week in a prison. One week of torture and pain. Some people take advantage of other people. Either emotional, financial or physical. There are many ways to take advantage.
I believe in a thing called karma. Instead of waiting for karma to be a bitch herself, I want to pull some strings this time.
Maybe I will pull the ones who will make the melody go bad..

For example, if you borrow a pair of jeans from someone, you give it back. Either you give them back in the same condition as you first got them in, or else you buy a new pair.
If you don't, maybe the person you borrowed them from will get mad. If they get mad, they may hit you, terrorize you or just never talk to you again. All because of a pair of jeans.

Let's say that you stayed in someones house for a weekend, but the house burned down to the ground.
Would you run away from the damages? Or would you stay? Most people would stay. There are some people that would run away and pretend it never happened.
If it was my house that burned down, I would hire someone to find you. And kill you.
After I talked to your boss to get all of your salary. After I found you and tortured you with my heel up your... Yeah.
After I stole your car and sold it. After I put the rumour on the street that you're not the kind of type to pay up. After I sent you out of here to somewhere more scary...........

That was if it was me.



So, let's just say....



That's a fact. And for all the other people that needs some pain and torture:
Stand up for the old people on the bus. Don't write nasty stuff about someone you care or used to care about, when it's a nice person. Buy your daughter some food and sigarettes. Pay your alamony. Don't talk shit behind peoples back, say it to their faces. Clean up your mess. Get a job. Be nice. Don't cheat. Work out.
Don't be a bitch, karma is as well...


Word of today: It's better with one big mistake than fourteen small ones.


- Ingrid Pingrid

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23.mar.2011 kl.01:16

Kommer dype ord fra en konfliktsky person gitt


23.mar.2011 kl.11:05


Hvem har sagt jeg er konfliktsky? Det er tydeligvis du også, siden all kontaktinfo mangler.

Dette er ikke dype ord, dette er skriblet ned i full fart en tirsdagskveld.


24.mar.2011 kl.00:00

Ingrid konfliktsky??

Ha ha. Da har jeg hørt det også :P

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