Good morning Mr Morning, Im sorry to say it's over between us. I had a thing for Mr Late nights for a long time, and we are getting kinda serious. So I don't think I ever wanna see you again, okey?What can I say, he is so much better in bed. Im tired of fighting with ya. (nothing personal).  BYE.



Don`t feel like waking up .....


Too retarded to function anyways.


Ah. Shit! Time never stand still when I want it too!!!!!


Coffee should fix my problem.


ALOT of coffee

Wow.. I think maybe it is kicking in


Peace out morning retards.

Im of to get my poor brain raped by some numbers.

Math, one day I will punish you.

 The question I so often ask myself:




My problem is, I can not focus.

And that`s because I am more into looking at all the wierd people at school.

I like wierd people you see.

And guess what happends next?

I start writing shitty  poems instead of listening to the teacher, like this one I wrote it the other day instead of learning what ever I was supposed to learn.


Class is a bitch when your dumbed in a ditch


Mouths are moving around my head

talking in terms, but their words are dead.

Concernd about weather and bombs and such,

mostly it`s subjects they can not touch.


Shallow smiles, a pair of bleeding eyes attached,

the blabering sentences is to me, a really bad match.

Focusing in the name of a world wide field,

focusing for the need of an unlimited deal.


I am mind raping them with observant look`s,

mind fucking them, while they are sexing their books.

Crossing my fingers for the time to die trying,

blocking my memo for all that I am not buying.


Poking my ears in with a dinosaurs fist,

but the handcufs of knowledge does not excist.

The heat of my present is as cold as a corps in the sun,

oh dear, if only this could be the day that I run ...


xox Bella

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