Now that you all know that, I can actually brag and say that I got a new friend at school yesterday that claimed to be just as sucky in math as me.

But of course, she was wrong. Because what happend after we started playing with numbers together?

Hell yeah, we got it right!  (suck on that `number God`) Meaning, she is not as stupid as she claims. She is smart, but she also was nice enough to take me with her on the road of understanding math, to be polite.

And then, my new friend left.

and I crawled back to Homer my hero

I was actually so not focused after my new friend left that I went back to listening to music. And then after listening to the song I have been listening to for a life time now, "kissing you," I got inspired to write another poem.   

Kissing you


My humble voice is screaming for the unknown,

forever questioning the truth behind your smile.


The pink cloud`s are sadly fading,

touched by my reality raped soul.


The jail of freedom is haunted, by the

cravings, by my lust.


Never has the hours in the dark been brighter,

never have my restless nights been more wanting.




All of a sudden I realized that I was no longer at school "listening" to the teacher. I was sitting on the tram on my way back home. It was like I woke up from a dream or something. I looked out the window, and noticed that I`ve actually been sitting on the tram for 5 more stops then I should.

- Now that ladies and gentlemen is what I call to walk around in your own world.

So When I got back home to Ingrid and told her about my day, she felt a bit upset because I all of a sudden had a brain that was walking in my own world, AND also had a moment of understanding math., So she decided to kill my brain and make me retarded for the rest of my life.

what can I say?

I am a pretty sexy blond.

 And to be retarded turned out to be a very relaxing state of mind.

Thanks Ingrid.


So my tip to all you out there who`s not happy in your life, and not able to become retarded:




Xox Bella








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24.mar.2011 kl.14:09

Det er ikke hverdag du får bleket hår og tenner på samme tid. Men det ble bra, eller? :)


24.mar.2011 kl.14:28

Secret: Det er veldig sant, og godt er det. Men det ble ganske bra heldigvis:)

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