Something smells like fish

Sometimes people I`ve known for my whole life just keep shocking me.

Even though I shouldnt really be surprised after all these years, it`s like they some how find a way to climb further down on the hill of STUPId, every sngle time I meet them.

So I find myself wondering, how low can you go???


One day their picture perfect world will go to hell.

And I am afraid I am going to lean back and say:

" I told you so.."

But hey, as long as they are happy, eh :)


I am just growing a different atitude against it all in the mean time.


And thats exactly what I am doing.

You can not save those who does not want to be saved.

(And thats cool with me, cuz I don`t really want to waste my preciouse time saving selfish assholes anyways)

I am of to work to do something fishy instead.


Smell ya later.


xox Bella


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