No ones gonna love you when your old, thats what I`m told, you better stay young, baby!!!

You only live once.

Shocking news, I know.


My point is:

- Stress now, rest in your grave.


When thats of my chest. I`ve been stressing abit around with Mr school lately. He is such a jerk sometimes the cheecky bastard. So Ì decided to cheat on Mr school with Mr sleep for a bit. But guess what? Mr sleep made me have a 3-some with him AND Mr Dream!

-Let`s just say it was a really crazy expirience.



So I needed a break from my head floating around in space these days and went to drink too much coffe with Frank, and mentally lick on the new Acne shoes.





So we where walking down Karl Johan on a secret mission. And all of a sudden, GOD SAVED ME FROM ALL MY WORRIES!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, thats right people. Screw you and all your stupid words about 2012. God is gonna delete the world, and he is gonna do it on the 21 of May. Because I got this flyer from a tall guy in a green T-shirt who was standing on the street. And everyone should belive in what men in green  tell ya, just ask E.T.

And when I think about it, I did pray for this to happen. My math exam is on the 25 of May! And I licked God`s back for age`s, begging him to save me from it. And now, finally - I am heard. He is saving me with punishment , Now I`ll be dead and the world will be gone, and I never have to do math again.

Thanx God, you really rock. !!

Seriously. I even got inspired to decorade a new bathroom to show you how greatfull I am. (If I can make it before the 21 of May)

This way you can actually piss on the lady that gave you Jesus. And finally get som kinky goldenshower sex with a virgin, like you always wanted :-)

So today at school ...  I was really laidback

Because I know that we are all gona die anyways.

And guess what happend next???

School gave me a goodiebag

So now I have food, and then I die.

What can I say? Life is really smiling to me lately!


Xox Bella


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