Today I woke up mondo early.

(Well at least compared to when my brain decided to let me go to sleep.)

But I was met with coffee blacker than the night, and knekkebrød more crispy than your old uncle's pubic hair.

So I was thinking; wow. Today is gonna be a GREAT day at school! As long as I manage to drink even more coffee than I normaly manage (we are talking 10-50 cups a day).

And of course, smoke even more cigarettes then I normaly do, so I have a reason to even get up in the morning, in the first place.

What can I say? I am one healthy bastard.

So I was a good little school girl, happy out, with a nice and fresh morning cigarette in my hand walking towards the bus, listening to spotify and skipping the streets like I was in some kind of wierd musical, where there were rain and where people didn't look as jolly as they normaly do in musicals.

 And then ......


And like that was not enough, it started to rain aswell!

...... and I just died on the sidewalk.


NO, assholes!

I am joking.

I am not a whiny bitch either. I was actually looking forward to go to math class and nail it, despite the fact that my spotify died on me and took the sun with it!

Who wouldn't? :D

And then I walked in to the class room with a big fat numbernail smile on my face. And then after a cup of coffee, I was still stuck (again). So I had to reach out to someone who was not my teacher (because I think she is seriously starting to think that she should put me back in first grade again so I could learn everything ALL OVER).


I took a picture of my problem, and sent it to a person I know.


Yep. Ingrid is the smart one in the family. (And the one that works out to.)

Sometimes she is so smart I would almost say her brain is burning.


Or maybe it's just that I am so stupid that her ears are bleeding flames?

I'm not sure.

I'm more like:

You know... Talking to my self and stuff. I am the one who will end up in a mental institution with voices telling me to take over the world in the name of invicible carpets or something.

A couple of hours and a sandwich (yes, I do eat) later, it was time for English class.



So I was sitting next to this girl, (who's name is Isabella btw) and we were beeing really good. But then, out of the blue on the other side of the room, I heard this loud noice.

Yes, of course, MY PHONE!!! Calling in the middle of the class where everyone had like a pre-exam !


And first I was going to pretend it was not my stupid phone. But then a girl looked at me and said:

"Bella, it is your phone!"

And I looked up, and though... Aaaaahhh... GREAT.

And then the teacher (who was just starting to think of me as a talented nerd and not a careface bimbo) said: " Oh, but well OF COURSE it is BELLA`S phone!!!! And she is all red now!"

Ok. For your information, my face is natural red Mr. Teacher! And don't take that tone with me sir!
(That's what I wanted to say. But I smiled. And gave up life instead.)


And went back to....

Can you guess?

Yes, of course - writing shitty poems.


Hidden stairway


Overloaded screen plays are flashing,

repeatedly infront of my eyes.

The pointers are faded, the actions

are too loud to be told.


My blood keeps analyzing my spare

tickets for the roller coaster ; In denial,

While I smoke my self tired at night,

with the emphty pages of the bible.


The wind is scared to touch my face,

so I hold it close, like a blancet.

Protecting me from humanity,

from living.



Xoxo Bella






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05.apr.2011 kl.23:55

sorry :) i kan jo ikke vite when not to call u school geeks!


06.apr.2011 kl.12:59

Fin spilleliste :-)


11.apr.2011 kl.13:29

hockeygutttrondheim: ja, ikke sant :)


11.apr.2011 kl.13:29

Juhn:Ok, I forgive you - for now ;)

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