The sun is shining and people are slowly starting to prepare them self for the summer time once again here in Oslo. It gives you a surten feeling inside when you are walking around downtown looking at all the sunglasses and all the people chillin around with cigarettes and beers.

I`ve had some quite exciting days myself with my lovely Frank. We have been fashion divas big time. And was so lucky that we got to work with a bunch of very nice and proffesional people on a photoshoot! Where we were responsible for the styling of the modells, meaning the clothing and such.

I`m so excited to see the results of this wonderful and exciting shoot!

I`m so very happy that I was so lucky to be a part of it. I met alot of great people and had a really nice time with you all. I hope to work with you all again some day in the future cuz it was a great crowd, or we were a great team as a matter a fact!


When that`s said I just want to send all my best wishes home to my brother that for some reason ended up in the hospital last night. I am thinking about  you and sending you lot`s of positiv energy.



Don`t worry, if your heart does not work anymore, you can have mine - any day :)

And I promisse to answer you next time you call me in the middle of the night, Okey?

I love you.


xox Bella

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