It`s Tuesday


When I think about it it`s actually usedday.

But then when I think again, It feels like Monday actually.

No wonder I am confused.


Easter is over.

So I guess it`s time to finally let my easter socks rest again.

Bye yellow socks. It was fun.

We made alot of memories together these days, but you are getting a bit stinky. So in the name of hyggine I think it is time to let you go. </3

Brightside: Look at all the fun you had while I was dancing around in ya


We drank coffee with cousin and very nice german girl :)

We picked up mummy at the train station.

We watched mum and Ingrid go to sleep in a pink sofa.

We got cheesedodles served in bed, with a fork. (And they are yellow too)

We got kidnaped by gays who took us to sweden

We watched gay convert in to a burka babe

But luckily we saw him convert back again too :)

We found another gay in a elevator

He asked us up for a drink.

We said yes.

And thats all I remember.

The end.

But remember people:


It will create wierd pictures in people`s head

Xox Bella


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