Rape me if I`m wrong, but ..

Good morning.


After a slepless night, a brand new day is waiting.

It take you as you are, so all you can do is to umbrace it. One way or another it is still gonna come and hunt you down so, if you just pull yourself together and greet it with a smile, maybe you will be surprised.


With a watch who stoped ticking, time is standing still. And a cup of black coffee is still for ever my faithfull lover.


I made the twins breakfast, and got them to school to learn more about the rockyie roads of life




Everyone knows that the key to a succsessfull day is a good breakfast.

But since I never cheat on my hunkstuff black coffee, I will never be much more than a happy hobo.

or, wait a minute.

 I did get an email from Oxford brooks welcoming me to the University in september to studdy music.!

So maybe I should count on The rockstar road of life instead of the rockie road?




In the mean time, I`ll keep my cards close to my cheast



And cross my fingers for not flunking MATH CLASS.

The other day I couldnt get my numbers right (again) So my teacher asked me:

jESUS. Like it`s my bloddy fault that my dad is braindead and I was lucky enough to get that syndrom as well eh?


Oh well...

Smell ya later ppl.

And remember



Xox Bella

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28.apr.2011 kl.10:43

Love the last part. 'Cause it is really not your fault. Miss u!!! <3


28.apr.2011 kl.11:30

Secret: word <3

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