Friday is slapping me in the face, and I`m in the mood to dance myself drop dead on the floor. Forget about the fact that my oral exam is in exactly one week away, forget about everything that really matters - just for the night anyway.

When you dance, you are free. I am planing to catch a breath of freedom tonight.

-What else can a girl do.

So I called a blood brother and said: " BEER!!"

And he was like


Beer it is then !


Maybe we are going to Ålesund? Or maybe we are going to Molde? Or maybe we are going to friggin space! One thing is fo sure. We are gonna drink in the name of celebration. But what are we celebrating?

The fact that it`s sunny?

The fact that I got accepted to University of Essex in London?

The fact that it`s Friday?




Not me.,

All I care about it to stay the hell away from my phone so I don`t end up doing something I really will regret in the morning.  Like for example, call santa claus and ask for a lap dance.




xox Bella

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