For all of you who only know me as a smoking, careless, dancing alcoholic .

 I hate to break it to you, but I am actually a caring, houswife of a sporty smoothie maker too.

 (But don`t tell anyone)



I have been home in the green country of farmers, sun and BMW for about a week now, and must say it`s been pretty relaxing. Even though I am very much looking forward to get my ass back to the city of tigers and get that exam over with.

Today I got up and dragged myself out in the sun to try to get some tan.

After licking sun for some time I realized that the twins finished school soon, so I was gonna be a good sporty spice and bycicle to their school and pick them up so they didnt have to walk home all alone.

After the big city life and too many cigarettes I must admit I was practicly dieing  half way, But I picked them up. After walking home with them in the sun I actually did some wife work. washed some dishes and all that jazz, then I decided to make em a smoothie before we did our homework.

Very refreshing and tasty I must say.

So now I`m chilling on the sofa before I am gonna hang out with june <3

And then I am busing back to Oslo tonight.

Feel free to pick me up at the bus station 2mrw morning at 7 oclock, anyone? somebody? you? no?

-Fair enough.

I can always dream

" And now your gone, it`s like a ecco in my head, and I remember every word you said"



Rest in peace old friend </3







xox Bella

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02.mai.2011 kl.18:35

Elskede jenta mi... Jeg døøøør av deg! Hahahaha... BTW, you owe me a beer <3


02.mai.2011 kl.18:39


I owe you TWO my dear <3


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