Not in the land of homework and exams I am afraid,

All I want to do is dance it all away. But how can you possibly dance your way thru a oral english politics exam?

you fucking can`t.


Because life just ìsn`t fair. Get over your self Bella.

-Fine... (Bitch)


So, other than beeing a total freakshow talking to myself to survive this, I guess not much have changed. Oh, other then the fact that I am back in Oslo.

Have you ever tried taking the nightbus for 8 h???


I am happy to warn you about that after a short time you actually start wanting to harm yourself, and others around you because you feel like time is standing still, and the only way out is death.



Luckily I fell sleep half way after THE ONE smoking break. (ONE, how fucked up is that, I was close to eat my own toenails to get some kind of SICK satisfaction.)

But, with only a head thats more messed up than ever, a coupple of never ending nightmares,and a big craving for the longest cigarette in the world - I am still breathing.



And I must say skypeing with MAri looking at beautiful flats in Oxford made me forget about the night of horror.

In the mean time,

And hopefully my blanket knows a thing or two about English politic aswell.


And remember: `

It`s always cool to kiss it better.


xox Bella

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