Life would be so much easier if it was like facebook.

Don`t missunderstand me, of course a big part of my life is just lost ,while I`m sitting on facebook for minutes, for hours - yes even for days at the time with, no special meaning or task behind it.

 Just like the rest of my generation.

But what if real day to day life was more simulair, like if I forexample had a heart attack, (like now) I could simply just press the "unlike" button or just click a simple click, and all the emotions where deleted on a second. And I could move on with my very controlled Facebook life and never look back.

What if memories were like a Facebook picture? When you didn`t want to have it stuck in your head anymore, you could just go and delete the memory, And from that moment on it was out of your life and you never had to deal with it again.

Or what if you did something really stupid in your life, and could just scroll down to it on your page and press `delete`, then everything would be okey again.


But reality is:

The world is a cruel place to be, GET OVER IT.

(Or just spend all day on Facebook, that works too)

Or do like I did... Buy a new dog, and focus your time on that.


I know.

He is soooooooo cute <3<3<3<3



I am gonna go drink too much coffee and see if I am able to wake up my brain for some math before work.






xox Bella







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Daniel Niazi

12.mai.2011 kl.11:26

hehe, sniffe inn facebook hahaaha


12.mai.2011 kl.12:42

Daniel Niazi: ja, du vet... I need my FIX !!! :p

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