Nope. I am a joker playing poker, so I pretend a lot of other things of course. Who does not?

In the end of the day


But thats okey with me. Who wants to spend too much time with reality anyways?

The good news are:

I finished all my exams. And thats a good thing. Because when I went to Bergen last week to spend time with my very own private English teacher, I actually ended up slaping a dude in the face, TWICE. And all that because he randomly said something in the meaning of:




My normal respons when people act stupid and drunk like that would be to say:

"Yes, I am a prostitute, and you could never afford to buy me, JERK!"

But what did I do?

for the first time in my life, I slaped someone in the face out of anger, TWICE! Me????

I was shocked over my own reaction. And also shocked over the fact that it felt so damn good!!!!!

 So, my conclution is:

Exams are too stressfull, and makes you wanna punch people.

So a big thank you to my English teacher for forcefeeding me with cheesedoodles and information about the British and the American politic system. I could never have done it with out you. :)


So now that school is over I`ve spent the last week working, beeing gay and celebrating life with a bunch of awesome people that I really am going to miss when I move to England.

The great Oslo summer 2011 got a good kick of indeed:

Btw. This is Michelle. She is my true life saver. Or sushi saver. Last night she was gonna get me drunk in an old fashion emo style way And we were gonna drown the world in beer together.

 On her way to get me drunk, she got so drunk her self that she walked straight in to a TRAFIC LIGHT while talking to me.

What can I say people.... She is the best friend you can have <3


Now I have to go and buy myself a new life at

When I come to think about I think maybe I'm gonna sell my soul too.

See ya later aligators.

No, just remember:

Xox Bella

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