It was raining today.

But I did not drown.


I decided to umbrace it, and dance with it



I wish .--


(I would love to do that, but I guess my neighbours would think that I have gone mad, yes?)

Want me to tell you something funny about that?

I am mad.

So, I went crazy and cleaned the flat and danced inside instead.

And since it was raining, and I was dancing inside....

I'm still white as a snow woman.

If not whiter than snow white.

Too bad for me my pale color does not come with 7 dwarfs, like her`s, the lucky bitch.

But I guess I better get used to the pale color and the rain,

 I am moving to England after all.  LOL



I am actually so inspired by my own white color that I am gonnna go to bed with Twilight tonight.

Yep. You and me Bella.... You and me ... Let`s be pale and dance in the rain together.


It`s gonna be magic.

Magic I tell you!






And with that, I am of like a jewish forskin........


Make love not war...

Xox Bella

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