A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?

What can I say


Yep. It was really sunny today.

So even though I am a pale, see thru vampire by heart, I did manige to get my sleepy ass out in the park, to get some sun. And of course there were some neat looking half naked eye candy you could rest your eyes on too, from behind your sun glasses of course.

So, If you were wondering, now I am not snow white anymore, I am grey or something.

But it is a start, I guess.


So now I`m just drinking coffee and half sleeping on the sofa. wierd combo when I think about it.



Maybe I`ll let my head rest in Disney land for a while, with Lion king.

I need to find some hidden pictures in the stars tonigh,t to get to sleep I think.....


Hakuna Matata or what ever they say.


And people;


Just keep spooning.

It`s good for you.



Xox Bella

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