Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

It`s been a long day of breathing, I can tell you that.

Very long day.





Because yet another day is fading away with so many other things, and the scary part is;

This day will for ever be lost after today - You`ll never have it back. You will never be able to change it.


(Yeah, I know. I`m so damn clever eh)



So, I`m thinking, what should I do? It`s almost 11 oclock, and I have one hour left of the day to do what ever I wish to do.

But what DO I want to do with this beautiful hour?


I want to do something crazy



Who`s with me?


Let`s hold hands and just


Tomorrow, today will be in the past. And all we have to do to survive is to remember to live in the moment.


Spoon you later.


I have to go catch some moments before they`r catched by the cold and so very heartless past.


And remember:



Xox Bella

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