I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday...

It was back in the days when the end turned in to a new beginning.

Confusion is still a close friend of mine though, we have been throug so much together.


But the thing is, when you loose your mind, you win something else. Something new. do you know what I am talking about?



I'm talking about how you win the lottery of beeing braindead of course.

It's much more relaxing. No surprise there.


So my only plan now is, to not have a plan, that way it just can't fail.



So, the good news are:



Celebration face.


Oh, wait.

Thats not true.

I have one more plan.

Study music.

And thats a good thing, yes.



Lucky me :)


Oslo pride is up and coming 17th - 26th June




Xox Bella


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