I don`t know if I was asleep or awake when I wrote this, all I know is....

I don't know who I am trying to convince anymore. Insomnia is holding my beauty sleep hostige. So I can't really tell the reality from a dream anymore. But sometimes I guess that is a good thing. If you have nice dreams for sure.

It's a messy and floaty world to walk around in in general though.

Because you are never really sure WHAT IS GOING ON.


Like yesturday I was swiming in an ocean in a big city, and all my money got wet and worthless. And then I was staring someone fall asleep. I even got chased by a crOwd with a gun. ANd then I cut chicken.  And then I swam around with some stinky fish. It all sounds like mumbo jumbo to me.




-I know.

Maybe I should get a night job. Could just aswell work 24/7 and make myself usefull. Not just lay here feeling tired after working all day, but yet not sleeping.

Oh well.


I'll have to deal with it. Somehow, some way I'm sure everything will work out in the end.

Everything happends for a reason.

But hey ho....

Bye children. I have to go and cut chickens and have long intelegent conversations with a bunch slimey fishes.

What can I say?





Xox Bella

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22.jun.2011 kl.17:55

Sov godt :)


22.jun.2011 kl.21:47

Sofie: Takk, jeg skal prøve :)

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