Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often...

So after a great weekend in Oxford it's been a difficult to go back to the land of day to day life again. But the thing is, time even flyes when you'r not having fun. Who would guess eh?? Because before I even knew it, it's Friday, AGAIN.

Coffee, coffee, coffee, work, bed, coffee, work, sleep, work, coffeeeee... And so on and so on.

Now thats the sircle of my day to day life anyways.

That's what I'm trying to do.

And in between all the grey areas were you just want to sit down and take a break from everything, there are always those moments who just make you wanna keep going.

Like at work, when my sweet workmate screamed my name all over the speaker phone, and made me think something was really wrong. and then:


`Bella! I made you a cookie!" :-D <3


Of course I don't like cookies, so I couldn't eat it. I had a banana instead

 But it made my day still.

So instead of throwing it away I decided to make someone elses day with it. So I ran over to the till and went:

" Stiaaaan!!! I made you a cookie of love!"

And as you can see, after he ate this:


He bacame even cuter than before <3


And then we went home.

And then I felt a bit



wierd. And then today when I woke up....

I realize..... I'm sick. (yeah yeah, I'm not talking mentally now) But like, my body is laughing at me.

I'm stuck in bed with a fever.






So I'm just gonna stay put in bed all weekend instead of doing all the stupid shit I should actually be doing. Like

-Paying bills.

-Get a life


-live life as it was a musical

-write lists with things I have to remember to do before I forget to do them and then I die. But then since I write them anyways, I get stressed out and then die of stress instead.


And now my problem is

End of story.


Xox Bella

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