Who's gonna share my morbid way of fun, now that Osama Bin Laden is gone?

Luckily, I found someone else who's just as funky as Osama.

But I also found someone who's def NOT as funny.


Check out this long `letter`a lady sendt me because of that exact sentence:



Seriously America.... Get you're self a good old cup of crappy humor, will ya? Life is actually more fun when you're not super seriouse ALL THE TIME.


Other than that I just got back from Oxford. Or actually it is two days ago, but I stoped counting day's for ages ago. I'm more in to living in the moment, you know?

And my favorite thing is to sit at home like a retard and re-live the great moments that were created. Like forexample, now I have a big pile of AWESOME moments from my days in Oxford that I can simply just re-live when ever I feel like it. The days might be gone, but the moments are mine, always.


But hey, don't get me wrong.  You have to find some sort of balance in it all. Don't get stuck living you're life in the past. And don't even worry to much bout the future, it will come soon enough, and everything can always happen!!! That's the awesomeness of life. It's what keep's it exciting. Live in the moment, and live for the moments.

You know what they say, it is the tiny little thing's that matters the most.


Sometimes I think that's one of the huge problems in life, the fact that us as human beeings are such control freaks. We are so buzy trying to stay on top of our game all the fucking time, that we forget to lean back and just enjoy things. It's nothing wrong with letting go, and just live. As soon as you realize that you can't possibly control everyone and everything around you,you will feel more peacefull and natrualy, you will accept the oh so scary statement of - RELAXED.

-And then you live happily ever after, end of story.

Watch and learn:




Xox Bella





" Wo ai ni..."

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31.aug.2011 kl.16:09

Ingrid og Bella, jeg tror jeg liker dere!!


19.sep.2011 kl.09:10


Vi liker deg også. Følger deg på Twitter. (@thewonderwhys og @dirtysushi1)

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